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Monetary donations

Image: Walter Baireuther

Monetary donations help to cover the running costs (salary for shop management, fuel, energy, etc.). They also help to ensure that important new purchases (Tafel vehicles, IT, etc.) can be made.

This is how you can support the Tafel with a monetary donation:
  • one-time donation
  • Ongoing donation through a donation subscription

With a donation subscription, the person willing to donate decides on the amount of his or her monthly / quarterly, half-yearly or annual donation. Small amounts are also welcome.
For this purpose, the donor shall set up a standing order according to his/her possibilities.

Please send your donation or your donation standing order to:

Tafel Herbolzheim e.V.
IBAN: DE23 6829 0000 0049 3442 01
Volksbank Lahr eG

You will receive a donation receipt at the beginning of each year (or earlier if you wish).

Please always state your address in the reference field of your donation order.