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Tafel idea

Image: Walter Baireuther

Unfortunately, there are also many people in Herbolzheim and the surrounding area who have fallen into financial hardship, e.g. due to job loss, illness, divorce, tight pensions or integration problems. They often even have to save on food. And this despite the fact that there is an abundance of food in Germany.
The aim of the Tafel Herbolzheim is therefore to collect food of impeccable quality that can no longer be used in the economic process and to distribute it to those in need.

However, the work of the Tafel Herbolzheim is only possible thanks to the support of numerous committed helpers and sponsors. The motto of the Tafel is:

"Everyone gives what they can"

One donates food (e.g. bakers, weekly markets, supermarket chains), another helps with donations in kind (e.g. car mechanic, graphic designer, printer). A third donates money (e.g. for electricity, heating, petrol, office supplies, telephone, postage). And many people volunteer at the Tafel Herbolzheim in their free time.