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About us

Images: Tafel Deutschland

The Tafel Herbolzheim e.V. is an association supported by idealists. It founded the Herbolzheim food bank in 2006, following the example of many food banks in large German cities. Many fellow citizens joined us spontaneously. The town of Herbolzheim and some of the surrounding communities from which our clients come support us. Especially in financing our new Tafel building. This means that our clients can finally shop under reasonable conditions.

In January 2009, we opened our branch in Endingen to shorten the way to the Tafel, especially for older people.

The aim of the Tafel is to help fellow human beings who are in need.

Every day we collect food, fruit, vegetables, baked goods, canned goods from retailers, weekly markets and supermarkets and use them to supply our shops.

Without the numerous volunteers and without the support of our sponsors, the tasks of the Tafel Herbolzheim would not be manageable! (How you can help us).

Derzeit arbeiten für die Tafel Herbolzheim ca. 60 ehrenamtliche Helfer und versorgen regelmäßig rund 1200 bedürftige Menschen. Wir sind stolz darauf, dass wir trotz massiv steigender Kundenzahl der letzten Jahre den Tafelbetrieb aufrechterhalten können.