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Goods donations

We collect fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables and baked goods daily from the various food markets and bakeries (see sponsors). These goods are considered unsaleable for the delivering markets.

Link to the listing of current commodity donors

As a rule, we receive non-perishable foodstuffs and e.g. hygiene articles from overproduction by various manufacturers and in particular from the association Die Hilfemacher but also through special promotions of individual stores.

Again and again, entire schools and clubs participate to either collect durable food or hygiene articles or to collect money for which the donor then buys such goods for our Tafel.

In addition to donations of daily necessities, we have been receiving school supplies from the Lions-Club Kaiserstuhl Breisgau for several years at the beginning of the school year, for which our Tafel clients with school beginners are especially grateful.

Again and again, individuals bring in non-perishable foodstuffs that they have bought beforehand.

A very big thank you to all these donors.

Donation receipt

A donation receipt can be issued for donations of goods that could be sold by the donating businesses. A prerequisite is also that the expiry date has not expired. For this purpose, a "proforma invoice" or a normal invoice with the addition "Spende an die Tafel Herbolzheim e.V." is required.

Donation receipts can also be issued for goods purchased for us by individuals. For this we need the purchase receipt, the exact address of the donor, the date of the donation and a note stating that the goods are being donated to the Tafel.

For donations of goods, we usually issue the donation receipt promptly with the donation, but at the latest at the beginning of the following year.

Image: Walter Baireuther